A study conducted by Professor Øyvind L. Martinsen, out of BI Norwegian Business School, has seven elements of a "creative" personality.

The study posed 200 questions to 481 people. The study subjects fell into three categories:

  • "Baseline" subjects, such as lecturers or managers
  • Students of advertising
  • Performing artists.

You might be creative if...

  1. You Have an Active Imagination
  2. You Have a Rebellious Spirit
  3. You’re Motivated to Succeed
  4. You’re Ambitious
  5. You’re Flexible - You See Challenges as Opportunities
  6. You Worry, A Lot
  7. You’re Hard to Get Along With

The study also found that work environment can have a "particularly strong influence on a person’s creative prowess."

I find this nugget particularly interesting because I have personally experienced this environmental difference. In February I wrote about how, "Work environment and company culture truly influence your performance, your personality at work, and your ability to push outside of your comfort zone."

Martinsen says that a typically non-creative person can become much more so when his or her surroundings encourage rule-bending and free thought.

Based on the seven elements, are you "creative?"

And have you experienced how culture influences your creativity?

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