Originally published on Health Brand Group's blog.

Last December, I commented on whether Delta’s pre-flight safety videos were “on strategy” with its brand. While the videos attempted to get travelers to pay attention using humor, I remain unconvinced that they were clearly aligned with Delta’s personality and brand strategy.

Unlike Delta, some airlines (Southwest and Virgin America included) have done a better job of living their brands. It comes as no surprise that other airlines would choose to “spruce up” their safety videos by making them funny and entertaining, however in order for them to be successful and meaningful, they must also be aligned with the brand strategy.

This is why I believe Virgin America’s safety video hits the nail on the head. It’s hip, fast-paced, witty, smart and slick–all attributes of the brand’s (and Richard Branson’s) personality, presence and image. The Virgin portfolio of brands is known for innovation, business-savvy and breaking the mold. This video is a great example of turning the traditional pre-flight safety demo on its head.