Yes, they’re interesting. But do they appeal to all travelers? Maybe not. But, then again, “travelers” is an amorphous target audience, right?

I realize that Delta is trying to overcome the fact that airline passengers tend to tune out safety presentations.

If you’ve heard it once, right?

And now, many airlines don’t even expect you to pay attention to a person during this process. Instead, a TV screen plays a recorded video presentation.

And people pay less attention.

In switching things up, Delta is trying to give passengers something they haven’t seen before in order to persuade them to pay attention.

A commendable effort.

My guess? People still won’t pay attention.

And, for me, it also raises the question – Is this on strategy for the Delta brand?

I’m not sure. It does seem a bit like ALL advertising these days. The same type of quirky humor originating from the big agencies.

Does this type of communication fit with the Delta brand?

Are they trying to be “hip to the jive” and are, instead, missing the point entirely?

It seems that some – not all – airlines get it right. This type of video might play well with an airline brand like Southwest (friendly).

On the other hand, Southwest still uses real people to communicate their safety presentation.

What a novel concept.

This article originally appeared on HBG's Brand Innovation for Health blog.