Make the Connection!

Signs, visual cues and graphics used throughout your facility are all consumer brand touch points. These can enhance or detract from their experience!

Consider how your brand could be thoughtfully woven through all of your consumer touch points – including signage and visual cues.

Breaking Communication Barriers

As the world becomes more connected, we need to adopt simplistic communications and cues that can be understood by people across all backgrounds and cultures.

Visual Cues vs. Verbal Cues

Can you visualize the icons used to communicate male and female restrooms? Everyone knows and understands these. How can we translate this concept to communications across a larger, broader scale?

Imagery and icons mean more to everyone. Interpreting and understanding visuals is quicker than reading text or listening to verbal instructions.

What if we replaced all road sign icons with text? We’d have a huge mess on our hands.

We need to learn how to connect with each other – easier and better.