Fast Company's new section, How To Be A Success At Everything, has a bevy of fantastic articles relating to career, work/life and purpose. Several recent articles directly correlate with concepts I teach in my Get a Life Objective class.

Concept: Reframing

Shifting how you view your past experience, skills and knowledge (as well as your current situation) can help you rethink your future career options. 

6 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Reframe Your Perspective

Concept: Break Your Routine

In order to start seeing things in a different light, you actually have to start DOING things differently. Changes as simple as eating lunch away from your desk or rerouting  your commute to work can help you see new things. Your brain will appreciate this, I promise. 

How To Design A More Serendipitous, Creative Life

Concept: There Is No Perfect Next Opportunity

One of the questions asked during my last class: What if all of the job postings are only part of what I think my next position could or should be?

A great question.

Today's workplace calls for hybrids--expert generalists that can bring their whole selves to work, turning job descriptions into a thing of the past.

Also, a great place to look for your next job is at your current workplace. Check out the article below for more on this (which I actually did in my current workplace - so it is possible!)

How To Turn The Job You Have Into The Job You Want