In my career I've been frustrated by a lot of things. Mostly, I become frustrated by the feeling that my potential is being wasted. Suppressed. Ignored.

And, I realized recently, that all I want is for someone to recognize this fire kindling inside of me--this urge to do something worthwhile. And that, hopefully, my potential would one day be unleashed.

It's taken a lot of time. Frustration. Work. Learning. Mistakes. More frustration.

But, I've finally figured out that I was relying on others to see in me what I saw in myself.

I knew something was there, but I was unable to demonstrate it. To harness it. And to turn it into something meaningful.

So I picked myself.

I updated my resume. I leveraged my experience. I sold myself. And I scored. Big time.

I found a job that allows me to use my creativity and my strategic brain at the same time. I can express my thoughts and ideas - and they're accepted and encouraged. And I feel like I can teach others what I know, and learn something new from a coworker each and every day.

I discovered a few things:

  1. Work environment and company culture truly influence your performance, your personality at work, and your ability to push outside of your comfort zone.
  2. Personality fit is imperative--with your coworkers and with your boss.
  3. You can find mentors in interesting places.