New Experiences for Continued Learning

In my Get a Life Objective class, I brought up the idea of continued learning as a way to inspire creativity and new ways of thinking about your life and your career.  

Let's get clear about what constitutes "continued learning." 

What continued learning is NOT: 

  • Reading the same newspapers, magazines and books you always read

  • Having discussions about the same old topics with the same two friends or colleagues

  • Attending classes and conferences where you already know most of the content being presented

  • Half-watching documentaries on Netflix while eating greasy snacks

What continued learning is: 

  • Breaking out of your comfort zone and feeling uncomfortable

  • Being a complete novice in something new

  • Challenging your brain to grow, adapt, work in different ways and make new connections

I have been doing a lot of "continued learning" this month, mostly in the form of workouts. I'm learning the ways of yoga, including a hot power fusion variation (see sweaty evidence below). I even tried a mixed martial arts class at the UFC gym--boxing gloves and all! 2013-8-27 11 43 15.png

I noticed that immediately afterward I am exhausted but exuberant. My brain has come alive in new ways.

With the extra energy I've created, my inspiration to knit, read and write has returned.  

And I am inspired to get better at the things I've tried so far (balance is not a strong suit for me!). 

How do you engage in continued learning?