I have a snarky comment for when people fail to impress me:

"He/She isn't setting the world on fire."

To me, they are lackluster. The have no potential, or they don't know how to harness their potential.

And, I've been thinking, what is the purpose of this blog? To help my peers learn what I've learned by trial and error. To advise a new generation of professionals who are entering this knowledge / connection economy without any guidance from the system. To awaken intellectual curiosity in others and to help my peers think more strategically.

But, mostly, it's to help people set the world on fire.

You might know a few people who set the world on fire. They're passionate. They have purpose and live life with verve. You might even be one of those people setting the world aflame through your work. And you might be on the cusp of doing something extraordinary but you just need a slight push in the right direction.

If you are, then this blog is for you.