A photo of Seth Godin's latest, The Icarus Deception

A photo of Seth Godin's latest, The Icarus Deception

Set the world on fire.

Act as if your employer's business is your own.

Strive for work-life integration, not balance.

Always be pushing and shipping.

Believe in the power of curiosity, imagination and continued learning.

Always teach yourself new and better things.

Push yourself beyond what you thought possible.

Know you are a peer, not an employee.

Recognize what you know and what you don't know.

Bring creativity to every aspect of life.

Question everything.

Built trust.

Inspire loyalty.

Truly connect with others.

Share what you're good at.

Learn how to truly learn.

Apply what you know.

Think outside of your comfort zone.

Ask "What if?"

Plus it!

Be artistic and fearless.

Find beauty everywhere.

Disconnect from technology. On purpose.

Enjoy real moments without recording them for others.

Be indispensable.

Be a hybrid.

Purpose is important. Problem solving is imperative.

There are no right answers.

You can't have it all. So, make it count.