Today's college grads and young professionals have many challenges to face when starting their careers.


More than ever, it's important to have an online presence - if you're not visible, you're not found.
Of all available jobs, 80% are never advertised (Wall Street Journal), and more than 71% of HR managers today browse social networks looking for job candidates.

To add to the issue, 35% of employers report that they have found content on social networking sites that caused them NOT to hire a candidate (careerbuilder).

I cannot stress the importance of  "attraction marketing" for today's job seekers. Standing out as a personal brand means that you're no longer an anonymous cog in the wheel of a faceless corporation.

Career savvy individuals develop their online brands with what I like to call "personal visibility campaigns". Think of these as integrated marketing campaigns for individual people.

What does a personal visibility campaign include? That's a good question. Here are my initial thoughts.

  • Online identity management (consistent branding across all social networks, including a personal website or blog)
  • Resume SEO enhancing
  • Personal website/blog development
  • What else? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.