Back in April I wrote about disownership as a trend--how people's purchases that were once physical products, like cars, are now being bought as shared services, like Zipcar. 

As reported in Fast Company, the LeWeb conference chose to focus on the theme of a "Collaborative Economy",  a new movement in which consumers have "decided to share and rent rather than own things in a dramatic reversal of 50-year trends."

In the past year, 52% of Americans have rented, borrowed, or shared things they used to own, and 83% of people are willing to do it.

My favorite part of the article: 

The new generations, committed to sustainability and social purpose, have learned from us that choice and income don't bring happiness, but community, trust, and purpose might. It's a new consumer mindset that values transparency, participation, and collaboration. In this atmosphere, the new brand is no brand, and intrusive branding and advertising had better stay out of the way.