My organization basically amounts to a form of "organized chaos."

My desk is covered with various notebooks, each containing meeting notes, brainstorm ideas and assignments. There are sticky pads of all shapes and sizes littered throughout my space.  

The walls of my "cube" are covered with quotes, reminders and checklists. And this trend continues in my apartment too--mini notepads filled with knitting designs and recipe ideas. You get the idea. 

During my morning ritual of Fast Company + coffee, I came across something very valuable: an analog note-taking system for the digital world.  


Why is this so amazing, you might ask? Because I'm just not one of those people who effectively uses technology to keep their life organized. Beyond a calendar and email, the only application I find useful is Pinterest (inspiration!). 

I've tried and tried to task myself with using technology to maintain a sense of organization--to no avail.  

I prefer analog, and that's it. There will be no changing me. I love doodling and writing lists with a paper and pen. However, I do myself no service by filling random notebooks with random ideas, never to be easily located again.  

But this note-taking system, the Bullet Journal, offers an analog gal like myself a way to corral the messiest of notebooks.

Maybe you'll find it useful too?