Creativity is in such demand today that when we apply for jobs, when we join organizations, or when we just meet other people, we are asked to present our creative selves. But we can’t do that unless we understand the nature of our own creativity, locate the sources of our originality, and have a language that explains our work.

- Bruce Nussbaum via Co.DESIGN

Nussbaum says there are three specific ways that can help you lead a creative life:

  1. Be Mindful - Disconnect
  2. To Created Meaningful Things, Delve into the Past
  3. Be Masterful

Disconnecting is something I truly advocate. Once I leave the office, I try my hardest not to use a computer. When I'm commuting home, I force myself to look out the window, watch the city and observe my surroundings, instead of squinting at my phone.

Being meaningful is important for leading a creative life because it allows you to understand the deeper meaning of relationships, outside and inside the marketplace.

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