During my morning web exploration I came upon this post by Julie Zhuo: A Manager's Manifesto. Julie is a product design director at Facebook, where she manages a group of designers.

While I agree with Julie's points, numbers 8 and 1 resonated with me the most.

The only thing I don't agree with is the term "manager" because it has somewhat of a negative connotation in my mind.

I am striving to be a leader, versus being a manager. And I think Julie's content is reflective of good leadership, not management.

8) Sweep up the crumbs. Wipe the tables. Turn off the lights. Plug the holes that need plugging—even if it’s menial, even if nobody will know you did it. Do it in service of the product, the company, and this wondrous, magical thing you are all building together.
1) Above all, this: never, ever get in the way. It’s better to twiddle your thumbs and squint up at the clouds than to obstruct progress for the sake of that stupid, childish thing called ego.

How would you describe the difference between a leader and a manager?